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    AVPro Edge AC-EX0-X-Kit

    40Gbps HDMI Extender via Optical Fiber

    AVPro Edge AC-EX0-X-Kit
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      Podrobnosti o produkte

      Noise-immune, long distance transmission over multi-mode fiber
      4K/120fps capable with 8K up to 40 Gbps bandwidth (8K/60, 4:2:0)
      HDMI 2.1 feature-rich, including Auto Low Latency, Variable Refresh Rate, Quick Frame Transport, and Source Based Tone Mapping
      HDCP 2.3 (and all earlier versions supported)
      Comprehensive EDID management for mixed-systems
      AVPro Edge continues to bolster its portfolio of world-first 8K products with the addition of the new AC-EXO-KIT, an HDMI 2.1 extender utilizing multi-mode fiber to transport 8K signals as far away from the transmitter as 300 meters over OM4, all at the speed of light.

      NextGen 8K signals heavily tax traditional HDMI copper-based cables in a direct-connection environment, limiting lengths to approximately 4 meters and ruling out category wire completely for any possibility in developing an HDMI TX / RX extension kit in traditional configurations we know them as.

      AVPro Edge engineers pursued the only path capable of delivering the results required: Multi-mode fiber optic cabling. OM2, OM3, and OM4 multi-mode versions may all be used however, distance capabilities will vary significantly. OM2 enables a 40Gbps, 8K/60Hz 4:2:0  signal a transfer distance of up to 40 meters. OM3 grants this same signal a transfer distance of up to 200 meters. Distance champion for this signal is OM4 at a remarkable 300 meters. Keep in mind – this is 8K! 

      Correct cables into the transmitter and out of the receiver are essential to trouble-free extension of 8K signals. Please note the following:

      For HDMI copper-based cabling, please limit source/switcher output to transmitter and receiver to display cabling to 4 meters or less (testing confirmed by AVPro Edge using Bullet Train © Ultra High Speed HDMI cables).

      ?When using Active Optical Cables, source/switcher output to transmitter and receiver to display up cabling may be up to 100 meters (testing confirmed by AVPro Edge using Bullet Train © Ultra High Speed AOC HDMI cables).
      Designed around an AVPro Edge perfectionist-engineered HDMI 2.1 fiber interface module, the AC-EXO-KIT features a hyper-precise, beam-focusing lens assembly which assists in preventing refraction and downline light scatter. A custom-crafted AVPro Edge Link Training algorithm, incorporating forward error correction analysis, monitors Fixed Rate Link status to maintain original signal bandwidth and serves to restrain Link Training forced bandwidth reductions. Every aspect of image fidelity, completely faithful to the original source material, is retained unaltered.
      Traditional AVPro Edge extender features such as comprehensive EDID management, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG support plus RS-232 / IR bi-directional pass-through are included. The AC-EXO-Kit includes dual-HDMI outputs, with HDMI Output 2 performing downscaling including auto-sensing. 
      Key benefits of using AC-EXO-X-KIT:
      Multi-mode OM2/3/4 Compatible: The AC-EXO-KIT may be used with all classifications of multi-mode fiber. Total distance varies per classification. Using a 40Gbps, 8K/60Hz 4:2:0 signal, the following distances have been confirmed: OM2 / 40 meters, OM3 / 200 meters, OM4 / 300 meters.

      Long Distance Transmission: HDMI signals may be extended up to 300 meters using OM4 multi-mode fiber, safely delivering content with zero loss of fidelity in the most challenging installations. 

      HDMI 2.1 Features: Auto Low Latency, Variable Refresh Rate, HDR10 and Dynamic HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG, Quick Frame Transport and Source Based Tone Mapping. 8K/60 4:2:0, High Frame Rate 4K/120fps capable.

      Near-Zero Latency: Latency is less than 8 microseconds, measurable but visually imperceptible.
      Dual HDMI Output: The AC-EXO-KIT receiver features two HDMI outputs, with HDMI 1 full-bandwidth passthrough and HDMI 2 an always scaled output. Scaling can be selected to be 8K to 4K, 8K to 1080p, and 4K to 1080p.

      Comprehensive EDID Management: Today’s leading-edge NextGen systems must now contend with mixed resolutions of 8K, 4K and in application-specific circumstances legacy HD displays, with the potential for EDID conflicts ever-present. The AC-EXO-KIT is equipped with a robust EDID management system that enables juggling video resolutions and audio codec combinations for EDIDs that provide a congenial match for reliable system operation.

      An EDID Copy function allows for acute copying and saving of known, working EDIDs, for stable kit operation and HDCP repeatability.

      Onboard Troubleshooting: Leave your Fox & Hound test kit behind in the shop? The AC-EXO-KIT has you covered. Where required, the transmitter can generate a 1080p or 4K test pattern to aid with fiber verification, connected device configuration settings, or source viability.

      Control Options: Configurable, bidirectional management for IR & RS-232 signals provides a carefully nuanced added plus to the AC-EXO-KIT, consolidating wiring to a solitary pull and mitigating the use of supplemental devices for a clean, efficient installation. Simplified control requirements can take advantage of the AC-EXO-KIT’s I-PASS, forwarding commands directly from a control system IR-out port into the TX unit I-PASS input, proceeding to the receiving end and routing directly from the RX unit’s IR-out into the display’s IR input jack (if equipped) or through an attached supplied IR emitter.

      ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection adds a welcomed layer of defense for all connected products.



      Šírka (mm) 140
      Výška (mm) 15.4
      Hĺbka (mm) 80.6
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      Šírka (mm) 140
      Výška (mm) 15.4
      Hĺbka (mm) 80.6
      Farba čierna
      Hmotnosť 0.25 kg

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