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    CRESTRON UC-M50-U kit

    Crestron stolový konferenčný set

    CRESTRON UC-M50-U kit
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    UC-M50-U KIT
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      Podrobnosti o produkte

      The Crestron Flex UC-M50-U provides a complete conferencing and collaboration solution for open-platform UC applications. It supports a single video display1, and features the Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing device (CCS-UC-1-AV), Huddly IQ™ Collaboration Camera (CCS-CAM-USB-F-400), cables, and power supply.

      Intuitive User Interface with Impressive Audio
      The Crestron Flex Tabletop Conference device (CCS-UC-1-AV) provides a superior conferencing and collaboration experience with its large 7 in. HD display, integrated 360° quad microphone array, and an AEC-enabled USB speakerphone that supports full-duplex wideband audio performance.

      High-Definition Video Conferencing
      The included Huddly IQ Collaboration Camera (CCS-CAM-USB-F-400) features an ultra wide-angle 150° diagonal field of view to capture an entire conference room in Full HD 1080p video resolution. High precision aspherical optics, 12 MP CMOS sensor, and advanced video processing ensure a clear video image free from light or noise artifacts. Genius Framing digital autozoom detects the people in the room and frames them for an optimal view.

      Voice Calling & Audio Conferencing
      The CCS-UC-1-AV is a full-featured VoIP conferencing speakerphone that’s fully compatible with major SIP-compliant phone systems. Its advanced design provides highly intelligible, full-duplex communication for every participant around a conference table. Dialing and answering calls is easy and intuitive using the large HD color touch screen. Corporate directory access (LDAP) enables one-touch dialing from the customer’s centrally managed directory.

      The CCS-UC-1-AV can pair with a mobile phone using Bluetooth® connectivity to make or join phone calls, or to use as a speaker and/or microphone for an application running on a smartphone. When used for calls, controls for the Bluetooth enabled phone appear on the touch screen, enabling instant connectivity with the press of a button.

      The CCS-UC-1-AV functions like any USB Audio class device, allowing you to connect a laptop computer via USB to improve audio performance for any softphone, multimedia, or audio conferencing application running on the laptop.

      BYOD Multimedia Presentation
      Connect a display device to the CCS-UC-1-AV's HDMI® output port to enable high-definition video presentation from all types of BYOD sources.

      Connect an AV source to the HDMI input port to present full-motion HD video content on the room display. Sources with DisplayPort™ or USB Type-C® outputs can also be connected using an optional Crestron video cable system (CBL-MULTI-6 or CBL-MULTI-12, sold separately).

      Use the built-in AirMedia® technology for wireless presentation of content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device via the room’s Wi-Fi® wireless network.

      Visit crestron.com/airmedia for more information.2

      Video conferencing & Web Collaboration
      Videoconferencing is enabled by connecting a laptop running a web conferencing or UC application such as Microsoft Teams®, Skype® for Business, Cisco WebEx®, GotoMeeting®, Slack®, BlueJeans, or Zoom Rooms™. All participants are provided with enhanced bidirectional audio along with a high-definition view of the whole room.

      Connect the laptop’s HDMI output to allow the whole room to view far-end content and camera images on the main room display. Laptops with DisplayPort or USB Type-C outputs can also be connected using an optional Crestron video cable system (CBL-MULTI-6 or CBL-MULTI-12, sold separately).

      Enterprise-Grade Security
      Crestron Flex is an enterprise-grade solution that is ideally equipped for mass deployment throughout any sized corporate, university, medical, military, or government facility. Its advanced security features ensure privacy, reliability, and compliance with your organization’s IT policies.

      Easy Provisioning and Device Management
      The XiO Cloud service3 is an IoT cloud-based provisioning service that enables installers and IT managers to easily deploy and manage thousands of devices. The XiO Cloud service allows for system alerts, network management and provisioning.

      Visit www.crestron.com/xiocloud for additional information.

      Key Features
      Tabletop audio and video conferencing solution
      Simple, intuitive touch screen UX provides a consistent user experience in every room
      Present, call, conference, and collaborate using your own UC conference software (BYOD)
      Complete kit contains the Crestron Flex tabletop conferencing device, Huddly IQ™ Collaboration Camera, cables, and power supply
      Easy to specify and install — no custom design, programming, or software installation required
      Network management and provisioning and system alerts through the XiO Cloud® service
      Enterprise-grade security - connects and communicates securely over any enterprise or SMB network



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      Vladimír Kanáš,  +421 902 559 550vladimir.kanas@avintegra.sk

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